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Welcome to the official website of the People's Planet of Rodvina. This site will guide you to know better our tremendous planet, our ecosystems, people, traditions and more.  Please feel welcome to explore. 

Where to find us 

Our great planet is located close to the Carcalla Star. Our planet is located about 35 LY away from planet Earth. Rovdina has a duration of 400 Earth days in terms of years when making its revolutions around Carcalla. Our planet, just like Earth, takes about 24 to 27 hours (depending on the season) to rotate. 

How our planet is

Rodivna has a couple similarities with planet Earth. Our planet has one star but has 3 moons(rostar, blemont and luxor). While planet Earth has a circumference of 40,075.017 km, Rodivna has one of 45, 198.004 km.  Earth's gravity is of 1g, while Rodivna is of 15g, meaning that our people have more physical strength than the strongest Earthlings.  Our planet is unique in the sense that we only experience one season at a time, meaning that if it's winter, our whole planet will experience cold climates.

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